Vinay Mishra

Big Ambitions Needs Big Vision Which Gives Big Results
Vinay Mishra

Dear Parents and Students,

We “resultxplorer” are online Educational Platform working under NGO named Bal Krishna Memorial Educational society, Lucknow registered under Society Act, which involve in various Educational activities since 2009. Vinay Misra, Founder and Sr. Mentor of “Result Xplorer” is working as an educationalist since 1995. With about 24 years of Experience, He worked through so many reputed CBSE Schools and National Brand coaching made future of thousands of students.

“Result Xplorer’’ is the team of ‘Head Core Academicians’ with full of Energy, Knowledge and Technologically upgraded. who have full potential to Explore results among the students with their expertise .We believe that as “we cannot change the world as a Person but we can change the world for one Person”.

Making choice of a career at school level is a very difficult task for students and their parents. You are fortunate that you have decided to become a knowledgeable scholar and excellent thinker. As a parent you have very important role to play to help your child in achieving their goal. you have to encourage your child to attend classes regularly and complete assignments, clarify their doubts with their mentors if any and to write tests sincerely.

Dear parents, whatever we think, we say and whatever we say, we do.

Dear aspirants, this is a turning point of your life. Start your journey on the path towards goal without wasting a single moment. Make focused efforts under professional guidance to grab the success.

Our team of “Result Xplorer” will insure that a child gets the best of education to cope up with the tough competition. We in fact will have a double role to play as mentors to make them focused for their goals and as guide to show them proper path. Our mission is to take out the best from the students and train them in the optimum way by providing them learning environment of the highest order to enable them score High percentage in examinations and achieve Top Rank in competitive Tests as “Our Aim is to chase Dreams and change into Reality”

We all are thankful to God for gifting us such era of tact and techniques to enable students excel in their studies online from their choice of place.

I hope your determination and fore preparation will ensure a Success of your choice and Dreams.

With all the Best Wishes